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Supporting the Northern NSW community of Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Bangalow, Mullumbimby, Brunswick Heads and all our beautiful regional townships

Offering Naturopathic Consultation for the Northern NSW community of Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Bangalow, Mullumbimby, Brunswick Heads and all our beautiful regional townships

Welcoming Zoom or In-Clinic Naturopath Appointments for Women, Men, Teenagers, Children and Bubba's

With over 10 years of experience, working alongside Australia’s best Integrative Doctors and specialists, I am able to assist across a wide range of conditions.

I also offer comprehensive health assessments, working with your GP and other health specialists as needed, to provide you with optimal, holistic care.

Through thorough case taking and looking at the bigger picture, I pride myself on understanding root causes and providing you with a clear and achievable plan to get you back to your optimal health.

I believe the body has an amazing ability for dynamic healing given a truly integrative approach – working on biochemistry, hormones, organ health, emotional and mental health. I aim to empower through knowledge and clear progressive treatment programmes that encompass the whole being.

Areas of passion and speciality include

  • Health Assessments for Women and Men – optimising your health and addressing any health concerns
  • Chronic Illness – chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, fibromyalgia, long covid, chronic pain, MCAS
  • Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) – mould, biotoxin illness
  • Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Stress Management
  • ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Gastrointestinal Issues – IBS/IBD/SIBO/food intolerances
  • Holistic Weight Loss – achievable, sustainable, personalised
  • Hormone Health – optimising thyroid, cortisol, sex hormones for men and women
  • Preconception Care for Couples – preparation for optimal egg, sperm, uterus and vaginal microbiome health.  Holistic preparation including full assessment, diet, lifestyle and supplementation
  • Postnatal Care – full assessment and support to ensure mother is nourished and supported
  • Recurrent Thrush, Bacterial Vaginosis, Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection

What my clients are saying

Petra Karni
Petra Karni
January 30, 2024.
Kristen helped my son with CIRS and CFS/ME, she is absolutely amazing, knowledgeable and passionate. Can highly recommend her.
Raphael Karni
Raphael Karni
January 13, 2024.
Kristin is an angel. I was so lost when I came to her with my infamously mysterious complex illness aka CFS/M.E and now a few months in and I feel like I'm finally stepping back into the outside world and tasting the freedom and joy of not having PEM! Kristin is super thorough and attentive and worth every cent if you can afford. I feel super lucky to have her in my support system.
Hayley Nedland
Hayley Nedland
December 6, 2023.
Kristin holds such a warmth as well as a wealth of knowledge. Her expertise across science-based and holistic practices makes for such a well-rounded approach to getting to the root of any imbalances. I recommend her to anyone in need of some support in navigating their health x
Mel Knight
Mel Knight
November 14, 2023.
Kristin is amazing! She has so much knowledge and is soo warm and caring. I highly recommend her
Molly Lepter
Molly Lepter
November 12, 2023.
Choosing to work with Kristin is single-handedly the best decision I have ever made for my health. I came to Kristin in a desperate state after getting nowhere with medical doctors for 10 years regarding my health issues. Kristin performed a thorough, 90-minute initial consultation obtaining a strong understanding of my overall health picture, making me feel seen and heard for the first time ever by a health professional. Appointments with her are comfortable and judgement-free. In 6 months time, she took me from having constant staph infection breakouts to almost none, has transformed the clarity and health of my skin, and has rectified a decade+ of gut issues. My energy levels and productivity are up, and I am constantly getting compliments on my skin. If you are concerned about the price, just know that the price covers more than just the appointments. She does a lot of research, work and ordering of herbs outside of the appointment to formulate the best plan she can that is specific to you and your issues. I cannot recommend Kristin enough. Work with her if you want results!
November 1, 2023.
Cape Naturopathics has great service, very clear with everything always following up to make sure your happy, your supplements are all in check and you’re understanding everything going on. Kristin is very calm and laid back, super easy to deal with, very thorough with everything and her knowledge is incredible.
Brendon Chisholm
Brendon Chisholm
July 3, 2023.
Kristen is an exceptional Naturopath! Kristen has been guiding me prior to Covid -19! She has continually improved my life and my overall health. When Covid came she prepared me and to date no Covid ✅. I have since been diagnosed with stage 3 Kidney failure but with Kristen’s help again I’m back on track with a normal kidney function. This amazing lady helps with all facets of your life and health. Awesome advice and a very caring approach to my health and lifestyle! Can’t thank her enough for the ongoing care and support ????
Raymond Foster
Raymond Foster
May 23, 2023.
I was recently told I had a fatty liver. My sister Tracey put me onto Kristin who specialised in the area. Kristin took on board what i was eating and drinking. Changed my diet adding a Biomedica protein complete shack and a few extra suppliments. Along with exercise 13 mths later my fatty liver has pretty much gone after my recent scan. Kristin is a great listerner, follows up on your Bloods and treats accordingly. Hat's off to Kristin, she has done top job.
James Tissot
James Tissot
May 17, 2023.
After seeing numerous practitioners over the years, I am so incredibly grateful that I found Kristin! She is not only knowleable but also extremely empathic which is a breathe of fresh air. My new health journey has just started but I am glad that I have Kristin by my side.
amanda kido
amanda kido
January 23, 2023.
Kristen is an amazing health practitioner. She is thorough and caring and I am routinely impressed by her knowledge and wisdom. I've never experienced someone pay such attention to my health and well being. Thanks, Kristen. I appreciate all that you do for me x

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